Automagically create install scripts for all sorts of things!

Fast, Easy, Complete.

Create automation tools for your company.

Do you need to install the same software, and change the same settings over and over again on machines? Then EasyCommands is the solution to your problem. We allow you to automate a lot of tasks on Windows based machines.

Faster deployment! You only need to build an install script once, with our easy to use pre-configurations. And every new deployment will follow it..

Easy to use. You can build your own install script with just a few clicks; install chrome; Set the OEM information; Move a file; Reboot. Easy!

Project based You can create multiple projects, within the same account, for example; A project to install some programs, and another one to clean them up once you're done!

User management. You can create users, and and select which projects they may access. Very handy if you have an trainee that may only access some of them.

User friendly! Creating new projects or adding commands is easy, and doesn't require any technical skills.

Fair pricing. Our pricing is very fair for the possible time gain you'll get from using EayCommands.